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Here is my Class 4 Progress Reel – showing all my animated shots for the first 4 classes of Animation Mentor


Here is my progress reel for Classes 3 – 1 of Animation Mentor’s Character Animation program

So far I’m loving it, and happy with my shots – although there’s a lot of room for polishing later.


It’s funny that the lessons I’m learning now help me spot adjustments to make in my previous shots :)

This is a rat running animation being made for the Cerebus animated film. It will be used as a background element to a tavern location.

Needs a polish pass and, while could do with being a little bit slower – might add a frame or two here and there to cushion some of the moves.


I’ve put together a long overdue update to my showreel, removing some older work, and including 2 shots from Animation Mentor. Most of the content is still fairly old work though, so I need to include more recent work in the next update.

At the end of Class 2, week 12, we put together our Class 2 Progress reel, which includes all animated shots from Class 2 and Class 1.

The first 3 shots are from Class 2, and the rest are from Class 1.

For my third and final shot for Class 2, I looked at parkour videos, with the aim of putting together an obstacle course of some kind, with the character running and jumping and swinging around. Then I came across a video of a parkour guy swinging around some bars, all in one shot, and it seemed a great reference to use for my next shot. The video reference can be found here:

This is also the first time I’ve used reference footage not taken by myself in Animation Mentor.

I would say that I’m happy with the outcome, though it feels a fraction too fast throughout, as I had to cut out a frame or two here and there to keep within the 200 frame limit. When I revisit this shot, I’ll take out either the first few or last few frames, or both, to give the character some smoother hang times.


For my next shot at Animation Mentor I combined two shot choices: sneaking and being scared/running away.

I went for a Loony Tunes/Warner Bros style of cartoony animation – exaggerated feet wind-milling and bicycling. I could have pushed it a lot further but for my first go at a gravity-defying cartoon style (something you can’t film a reference of) I was happy with the result.

Here’s my final shot:


The first 4 weeks of Class 2 were spent developing an animated shot (no surprises there) using the Ballie rig.

I chose a hop scotch animation, thinking that it will give me good practice with weight shifts, balance and timing.

Here is my final shot:



For the final week of Class 1 (it’s been 3 months already!) we put together all our work into a Progress Reel, from newest to oldest.

It’s been such an incredible learning experience so far, can’t wait for what’s next!

Class 1 Progress Reel:

This week we finished our personality walk, showing it in a perspective view. We also sketched various poses showing ‘Balance’, and then chose one to pose in 3D

Final funky walk:

Balance sketches:

Balance 3D pose: