I’m an MSc Computer Animation graduate with a traditional art background. With several years animation experience, and a life-long passion for the games industry, I’m looking to build a long and successful career as an animator.

Predominantly a character animator, I enjoy bringing characters to life, giving them personality and emotions, with action scenes as well as more intimate acting scenes. I can easily pass 5 hours animating without noticing the time go by.

I particularly enjoy spending 40+ hours getting stuck into a great RPG, and I’ve found that as my years progress and my experience with animation and game creation develops I have an extra appreciation for the art and technical features of games, which has only enhanced my love for them.

I consider myself a creative person, enjoying the story telling process and establishing narratives. I’m currently creating a 2D Flash cartoon, developed with a collective group. In my spare time I’m also writing a fantasy adventure novel.

I’m currently spending my animation time on several side and personal projects. At the moment I’m developing my character ‘acting’ skills with conversational scenes, as well as creating animation cycles for an independent US company working on their first game.

I am a proficient user of Maya, with rigging and animation skills. I also have experience with modelling, lighting and texturing. I am a strong Flash user with 2D image/character creation and animation. I also have several years experience with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Illustrator and Final Cut Pro, with some use of 3D Studio Max. I have experience importing animation cycles into the Torque game engine and the Unreal Development Kit. Very proficient with both PC and Mac Operating Systems, with Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Master Suite applications.