* This has since been taken down, as I found a publisher to release the book through more traditional means. I’ll leave this post here to show the old cover design, and how awesome the new design is! *




Island Legends: The Awakening of James Island

My fantasy adventure novel has recently become available on Amazon.

It’s available on Kindle and paperback here:http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B…=1&*entries*=0


The Awakening of James Island tells the story of James Island, who was born two years earlier as a fully grown man with little knowledge beyond his own name. Despite struggling to build a life for himself in the desert city of Tyken Town, James finds his world turned upside down when he is confronted by Evan Goodheart, a strange young alien who claims to be on a mission sent by the gods to find James and save his own people. Despite trepidation, James finds an affinity with the lost and bewildered Evan and takes it upon himself to help him find his way; all while attempting to maintain some order in the life he’s made and his construction work responsibilities. Throughout the course of the day James will discover just how entwined his fate is with Evan’s as the truth of his unknown past is revealed to him, setting him on a perilous journey that will lead him across the galaxy.

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