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For this assignment we had to draw various ‘excited’ poses, and reproduce one with a 3D model.

Also plan the path and physics of a bouncing ball, and then animate a bouncing ball.

























In hindsight, it comes to a stop a little too suddenly, given it’s speed. And it’s a little bit floaty. I’ll be updating this anim as part of the next assignment.


So I’ve started Animation Mentor’s Character Animation course, and am super excited at being on it!

Second Assignment (the first with work done): Sketch various people in different poses out in public. I went to a cafe and a park to find my ‘subjects’. I found it pretty difficult to quickly draw the pose of a moving person, someone mid stretch or bending down to talk to their child or running around.

One of the most impossible tasks I’ve ever tried is trying to draw a moving child! :)












I had to choose one of the sketches to reproduce with a 3D model. I decided to use 3 poses, and see which ones the AM community preferred.





I mostly chose this as my final pose because it was the most dynamic of all the poses. I kind of took the ‘easy’ way out with this assignment and chose what I felt was a safe option, although it may not have been the best one to go with, I felt that a more dynamic pose would be the best one to go with. I probably should have gone with one of the more subtle natural poses, like sitting on a bench or texting on the phone.