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(UPDATED):  DespairAnimWIP

I’m currently working on a short conversational piece using a film audio clip. Here’s how its looking after a couple of days.

Creating during my Master’s for a ‘visual narrative and storytelling’ module. At this time I had recently become a fan of the Studio Ghibli movies, and was really into the whole narrative style of them. One of my favourite Ghibli films is Kikis Delivery Service, about a young witch that leaves her home town to explore the outside world and develop her witch powers.

I wanted to do something similar to that, and decided to tell a story about a young pirate boy who is on a long journey somewhere, and focuses on his travels through a forest. The idea of a rights of passage, of growing up, being the main idea here.

Like alot of my work for the course, there is a big simple story/idea, but nothing indepth, as these are just supposed to be simple animations, not requiring huge backstory and narrative. Although I still like to allude to that stuff even if I don’t have time to tell it. I still dont know what the title ‘My Boy Shore’ means. I’m sure it has a big relevence though, for one of those unexplained story elements. So rather than explaining where he is going and why, the idea of the young boy on a journey is narrative enough. I chose a pirate boy to add some character and more untold story elements to the piece, with a presumed large backstory as to why he is a pirate, and why he is on a journey.

This particular animation includes my first and only title sequence. A simple side view of the young boy on his travels while the credits come and go. I loosely based it on the simple yet stylized title sequences of such films like ‘Catch me if you can’ and ‘Monsters Inc.’ among others. I also tried to make it feel as ‘epic’ as i could, for such as small and simple animation.