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Just finished my newest animation.

A short using an audio clip from ‘The Princess Bride’ film

An animation exercise catered towards young children. I was inspired by watching Baby.TV with my young neice, and I wanted to have a go at making my own children’s animaion.

I designed a new character I thought would appeal to young children, something that could be a toy also, and kept the narrative fairly simple and include something I think young kids love, a balloon.Vibrant colours and fun music also contributed to the overall effect of a children’s cartoon.

I’d like to go back to Mr. Jingle Jangle another time and make another short adventure with him.

(UPDATED):  DespairAnimWIP

I’m currently working on a short conversational piece using a film audio clip. Here’s how its looking after a couple of days.

Creating during my Master’s for a ‘visual narrative and storytelling’ module. At this time I had recently become a fan of the Studio Ghibli movies, and was really into the whole narrative style of them. One of my favourite Ghibli films is Kikis Delivery Service, about a young witch that leaves her home town to explore the outside world and develop her witch powers.

I wanted to do something similar to that, and decided to tell a story about a young pirate boy who is on a long journey somewhere, and focuses on his travels through a forest. The idea of a rights of passage, of growing up, being the main idea here.

Like alot of my work for the course, there is a big simple story/idea, but nothing indepth, as these are just supposed to be simple animations, not requiring huge backstory and narrative. Although I still like to allude to that stuff even if I don’t have time to tell it. I still dont know what the title ‘My Boy Shore’ means. I’m sure it has a big relevence though, for one of those unexplained story elements. So rather than explaining where he is going and why, the idea of the young boy on a journey is narrative enough. I chose a pirate boy to add some character and more untold story elements to the piece, with a presumed large backstory as to why he is a pirate, and why he is on a journey.

This particular animation includes my first and only title sequence. A simple side view of the young boy on his travels while the credits come and go. I loosely based it on the simple yet stylized title sequences of such films like ‘Catch me if you can’ and ‘Monsters Inc.’ among others. I also tried to make it feel as ‘epic’ as i could, for such as small and simple animation.

Here’s a selection of some of my artwork and some concept art I’ve made over the years.
Most are pretty old now, as I’ve been mostly computer based for a while now. But I’ve been wanting to get back into good old fashioned paper drawing (graphics tablet doesn’t count) and I hope to post some new work soon.

The latest version of my animation showreel


All work created using Maya, and all models and animation created by me (with the exception of the very first soldier model)

I’m currently working on a shorter version, as it’s rather long at 2:33. Hopefully will have some new animations to include in a future updated version.

Hi everyone, welcome to a new space to explore my journey through animation and design.
Here, I’ll be showcasing my approach to 2D and 3D animation, including showreels, concept/artwork, influences and various updates in my animation life.

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