Category: Showreel

Here is my latest animation showreel, which I put together and showed around CTN this year.

I’m aiming to add more shots to it soon to replace some of the older shots still on there, as I’m aware there’s some contrast between my newest work and my older ones.



Slightly updated with a few new shots and a leaner run-time.


Short update to my reel to keep it up-to-date.

Currently working on a few new shots for the next update.

I’ve put together a long overdue update to my showreel, removing some older work, and including 2 shots from Animation Mentor. Most of the content is still fairly old work though, so I need to include more recent work in the next update.

Latest edition of my showreel, with a tighter run time and including some newer animations (though due to time restrictions not as many new anims as I’d have liked).


Here’s an updated showreel with a leaner run time and the addition of the ‘Pit of Despair’ animation.

The latest version of my animation showreel


All work created using Maya, and all models and animation created by me (with the exception of the very first soldier model)

I’m currently working on a shorter version, as it’s rather long at 2:33. Hopefully will have some new animations to include in a future updated version.