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The list of my published novels has expanded greatly this year, thanks to Solstice Publishing.

Here is a list of all of my available books.


The Awakening of James Island – fantasy adventure

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


The Boyfriend – Horror

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Amazon UK:


Dark Light – Action

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Anthologies that feature some of my short stories:


Adventures in Love – an anthology of love stories – featuring my Custody of The World short story

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Let’s Have Fun Vol. 3 – an anthology of Summer Solstice related stories – featuring my Dark Light short story

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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol. 4 – an anthology of scary stories – featuring my The Boyfriend short story

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I had this idea of visualising ‘cheating’ on your diet. I know I’ve felt like this when I’ve eaten something unhealthy (but so tasty!) and also regularly visit the gym. It does almost feel like cheating on a partner.


I was a little bit bored and had this idea…












Disclaimer: I must state that I have no grievance or bear any ill will towards Justin Bieber. I’m just jumping on a band wagon, but believe that she is a very talented singer

These are a couple of old comic strips I made for the Smoke Newspaper, the University of Westminster’s campus newspaper. I created a few comics for the paper during my time at the University doing my masters.


Just finished my second children’s book.

This one is called ‘Where dreams may go’, and is about a little girl who can’t sleep one night, and she goes on a fantastic adventure across the stars until the sandman’s magic finally puts her to sleep.

I’m enjoying the book making process, and will look to possibly make a few more sometime.



The full book is available to view, and purchase, here:

Took this picture in Oxford Street, thinking it was funny having a cookie shop next to a health shop, and then realised that the decision reminded me of Mass Effect. Thus this image was created during some down time :)

I’ve recently finished making my first children’s book.

A simple story about three animals who wish they were each like the other, and then discover that they are happy with who they are.



The full book is available to view, and purchase, here:




An example promotional animation for mobile app developer Grapple Mobile

Hi everyone, welcome to a new space to explore my journey through animation and design.
Here, I’ll be showcasing my approach to 2D and 3D animation, including showreels, concept/artwork, influences and various updates in my animation life.

My previous site can still be found, more for archive/sentimental purposes, at

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Comments and feedback welcomed. Hope you enjoy your stay

Alex Pilalis