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Currently working on a singing scene, using the song Stay With Me (Baby) by Lorraine Ellison.
I’m going for an emotional and dramatic performance, with the lady singing for her lost lover in the audience, making it a personal performance for her.

Refining the timing and movement at the moment before heading into polish.

Slightly updated with a few new shots and a leaner run-time.


Short update to my reel to keep it up-to-date.

Currently working on a few new shots for the next update.

This was the last animation I did at Animation Mentor, finally getting round to uploading it.

I wanted to do a run cycle as my showreel was missing one, and thought of a tired jogger catching his breath to give the shot more personality – My Mentor (Sean Sexton) recommended I move the run forward in space, and then invert the forward translation of the main character control to turn it into an in-place cycle after.


Here is my Class 5 Progress Reel – showing all my animated shots for the first 5 classes of Animation Mentor. I’ve really enjoyed getting into character acting. Still have a lot more to learn.¬†Only 1 more class to go!!


Here is my Class 4 Progress Reel – showing all my animated shots for the first 4 classes of Animation Mentor


Here is my progress reel for Classes 3 – 1 of Animation Mentor’s Character Animation program

So far I’m loving it, and happy with my shots – although there’s a lot of room for polishing later.


It’s funny that the lessons I’m learning now help me spot adjustments to make in my previous shots :)

This is a rat running animation being made for the Cerebus animated film. It will be used as a background element to a tavern location.

Needs a polish pass and, while could do with being a little bit slower – might add a frame or two here and there to cushion some of the moves.


I’ve put together a long overdue update to my showreel, removing some older work, and including 2 shots from Animation Mentor. Most of the content is still fairly old work though, so I need to include more recent work in the next update.

At the end of Class 2, week 12, we put together our Class 2 Progress reel, which includes all animated shots from Class 2 and Class 1.

The first 3 shots are from Class 2, and the rest are from Class 1.